About Me

I’m Meg, I’m on a hiatus from public relations in the hotel/travel sphere after my baby was born last summer, write for Gadling.com, dabble in social media (particularly Twitter), and like to visit new places as often as possible. I enjoy animal videos, brunch, maps, photo booths, and fancy notebooks. I (used to) live in Brooklyn with my blog-shy husband (oft referred to as H for husband) whose consulting job keeps our frequent flier mile account healthy. I’ve been living in Istanbul for the past two years with H, and baby V (born in July 2011 in Turkey), and traveling more than most new mothers. I’m pretty damn lucky.

Find us also at KnockedUpAbroadTravels.com


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Greta Peters

    As the first commenter on this blog, I want to kick things off by saying “well done, Meg.” A really quirky, fun, interesting blog with articles I actually read in their entirety. Very refreshing.

  2. The more we read your blog entries, the more we are considering a visit to Turkey next spring (late) or summer (early). Keep up the flow of interesting info.

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