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  1. Hello, this is Denise in Oregon. I’ve been enjoying your blog and I’ve sent the link on to a friend who has just moved Hong Kong for two years. While she will have a different cultural experience I have no doubt that she will relate to what you are writing about.

    I have one question: I noticed a photo on your post about visiting friends abroad that I liked very much. It was a design (on tile?) showing a black cat carrying a kitten. I volunteer in cat rescue here in Oregon at a no kill shelter, and I love black cats, in particular, so I was wondering where you saw that design and what, if any, significance it may have.

    I’ve only been to Turkey once and that was a short trip to see Ephesus. I loved both the people I met there and the place itself, and I very much hope to return.

    Hoping this finds you well. Thank you for your time.

    Adoption Counselor, foster mom & resident geek
    Cat Adoption Team

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