London, Day 1: How we got there

A brief intro in case you don’t know me: I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, go to school (undergrad, one more year left) for Physical Anthropology and Italian, and work at a travel magazine in PR.  My husband is a consultant and travels all the time, racking up enough frequent flyer miles and hotel points to take the major burden off of traveling.  The summer, frequent flyer tickets were hard to come by, so we ended up going to England for 10 glorious days, staying in London, Brighton, and Rye.  It was my first trip to the UK, only my second to Europe (first was Naples, Italy in 2001), but I have always been a major anglophile.  I adore cider, bacon, and scones so I was looking forward to eating my way through England.  I reread a lot of Nick Hornby, selected chick lit, and the Adrian Mole diaries before traveling and spent ages poring over guidebooks in the research library at work.

I’m still figuring out how this new fangled site works, so photos are going up before the text.  Photos are almost all by the husband, text by me.  Depending on how this works, I may get ambitious and do an old trip recap before school starts!

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