I am now the Official Corn Island Cheerleader

A little shameless self-promotion: last month I had my first legit article published, on Daily Candy about Corn Islands!  Even though I’ve read DailyCandy.com for years and have written a lot here about the Corn Islands, I still sweated writing this.  Hard to make everything clever and cute while being somewhat informative, all in 400 words.  Hope it came out well!  No byline, as that’s not the DC style, but it’s titled “The Caribbean’s Last Frontier.”

I also add my photos to a lot of Flickr groups: HotelChatter.com, Jaunted.com, IntelligentTravel.com, etc.  USA Today was calling for reader hotel pix recently and I added a bunch, two of which are in their online gallery!  Here was my Nica photo featured:

I really should start getting paid for championing the Corn Islands.

To come: my recent trip to the Dolomites to visit client Hotel Rosa Alpina, where I saw such beautiful views as this:

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