Tweet in review

I will run out of trips to recap at some point, so new feature!  Since I’m on Twitter like it’s my job (which it sort of, kind of is), I read tons of interesting links and posts each week.  So here’s a look at the tweets of the week from

Feb 23:
Bollywood dance moves. Am already a pro at the “twisting in the lightbulb” move:

Wow, someone needs some PR 101. RT @elliottdotorg: Amazing story of blogger @jasonroe vs Ryanair —
Awww, glad to hear this news. RT @molliechen: legacy of union square peeler seller lives on

Feb 24:
This luggage is awesome: (from today’s Daily Candy)
Really cool Harlem Toile wallpaper from yesterday’s MUG:
Art in the subway:
It gets better! RT @elliottdotorg: “Lunatic”bloggers vs. Ryanair: the sequel —
Really interesting, but I was expecting it to be about hotels closing RT @Jaunted: Foreclosure tourism – hot in ’09?
LMAO! RT @badbanana: The government wants to ban pet chimps?…. you can have my chimp when you pry him from my cold, dead neighbor.

Feb 25:
-Send your fur coats to comfort orphaned wildlife, how adorable is that?!
Thanks @stancioff File under “no duh:” DABA fake:
So cool, I think we all need some Carnival right now:
Finally watched Mickey Rourke’s acceptance speech: he’s too awesome for Oscar. Worth the time and obscenities.
Wonderful, thanks RT @molliechen: nick dawe’s fantastic photos of british shopkeepers

Feb 26:
-Really interesting article. RT @Marilyn_Res: via Foreign Policy: tourism in Iraq far-fetched? Look at Colombia.
-Remember to read this article on St. Petersburg later from @worldhum:
@twinmama adorable, check this out! RT @katert0t: drowns in work, and yet I paused for the Tiny Art Director:
-RT @badbanana: Without the internet, I’d never know about all these newspapers closing.

-My monkey-owning dream will never die, but I knew even as a child that a pet chimp is a recipe for disaster:

Note to self: find synonym for interesting.

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