Tweet in Review

Okay, so I’m a little late to this, but feel I can’t go forward without reviewing last week’s Twitter posts (notice I’ve added a feed to the side of this page):

March 9:
Can’t wait to hear more about this, crazy! RT @davidfarley: Karosta Prison hotel:

Just in time for my Cartagena trip in 2 weeks! RT @CNTraveler: Colombia vacation tips:

March 10: a day of awesome discoveries.

New website from my favorite lawyer/gourmet:

Love this umbrella shop!

A.Maz.Ing! RT @slapclap: To drive home our obesity problem please refer to this fat monkey in Tennessee.

Word, I must travel soon to replenish my stock RT @evanrail: Realizing that I haven’t purchased a bar of soap in years. Too many hotels.

March 11: I finish Do all Travel Writers Go to Hell?, badbanana continues his reign of hilarity.

Finding it ironic that I’m reading Thomas Kohnstamm’s travel tell-all and taking the LP Colombia guide on vacation soon.

Great link! RT @SETinNYC: Loving The New Yorker’s Cocktail Recipes for the Recession! My fave is the “Broke and Tan”

Hats off to you sir RT @badbanana: Sesame Workshop is laying off 1/5 of its workforce.Sadly, I saw this coming months ago:

March 12:  I begin the hateful Eat, Pray, Love

Yay, my fave Kennebunkport, Maine shop is on Daily Candy today!

Really hating Eat, Pray, Love. Found Thomas Kohnstamm far more sympathetic, if a bit scandalous.

You had me at “1 million jobs…$16 billion in revenue” RT @MarriottIntl: Washington Post op-ed by Bill Marriott.

Exl EPL article @ableimes! I’m only on p. 55, so maybe I should reserve judgment?! @evaholland @davidfarley @italylogue

March 13:  Friday randomness

Still hating Eat, Pray, Love but like the language stuff. I miss studying Italian. Dante is my homeboy.

Just saw a guy on
the street drinking from a teeny jug of milk. It was one of the oddest
sights I’ve seen in NYC in a long time.

Totally fascinating but I wouldn’t call them elaborate. RT @SophiaDembling: Hand signals at the Stork Club.

March 14:

I have no words:

Saturday Brooklyn discoveries: chocolate-banana pancakes at Building on Bond, eponymous cocktail at Cornelius on Vanderbilt.

March 15:

Why so hard to find a camera bag that doesnt make you look like a tool?

Most amazing shoes ever RT @functionfoo: Dah Bklyn Timbahland! Too bad they didn’t have them in my size.

More on amazing shoes RT @functionfoo: They gots the WTC and plenty of bling

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