New (blog) home

After several years of erratic blogging on Vox, I decided to bit the bullet with an official domain to embrace the silly internet username I’ve used since Biggie Smalls died. I’m anticipating some big adventures this year and intend to document frequently.

At least, more frequently than usual.

6 responses to “New (blog) home

  1. Yay! Welcome to the dark side!

  2. Blog looks good! But I’m sorry to hear that Biggie Smalls died with an official domain. Was that the cause of death? Grammatically yours, Mom

  3. I love all your Oscar Twitters, but the BEST ONE is about Meryl Streep’s face belonging on the Oscar. That’s just great! Incidentally, we thought Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin were just tremendous, and so funny that we re-ran their opening monologue and laughed a lot the second time, too. (The best was Damn Helen Merrins.)

  4. OOPS! I mean Damn Helen Mirrens. Sorry!

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