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Most delightful animals of 2009

Last post was August, huh? A little behind here, I guess. Have a few trips to blog about including Berlin (best zoo ever!), Zurich, and Curacao, but in honor of the end of the year, I’m going to write about my other favorite topic: animals. In 2009, my entree into Twitter and social media brought me a wealth of animal videos.

Every time I worry I’m spending too much time on Twitter posting animal photos and videos rather than serious travel stuff, I get a message from a media friend telling me to keep up the good work, so I guess I’m doing something right!

Here are a few of my favorite animals this year, some of them are older than 2009, but all have been watched and officially endorsed by me this year.

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Lo zoo*

I am a fan of zoos. A zoo enthusiast. A large part of the reason I was interested in a graduate degree in physical anthropology was the dream that one day I would be at a zoo and they would page a primatologist. They would say “Doctor, thank God you are here, someone *must* feed this baby monkey with a bottle!” I would acquiesce, don my lab coat, and roll up my sleeves. Sometimes, in the dream, the baby monkey wears a bonnet.

At any rate, I love zoos. Especially foreign zoos. I don’t consider them places of cruelty, but places of conservation, of gentle and important research, of fun.  I’d like to say that zoos give a view into how a society views and treats animals, a glimpse into the behavior of local school groups, families, and couples (as a zoo may be a tourist attraction, but is rarely touristy). But really, I just love animals. Especially apes and monkeys. And bears. And llamas. And elephants.

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