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A few favorite places

While importing all of my old blog content from Vox this week (and trying not to go back and edit myself), I had a chance to look back at some of my favorite trips. While I can’t say that I have absolute favorites (partially since I rarely make repeat visits internationally since there are so many places I want to visit), there are a few spots that stand out.

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Lost in translation. Really, really lost.

I’ve been back in New York long enough to stop thinking it seems kind of slow in comparison to Tokyo and love the city again, but still fascinated with the culture.  H is still there for another month or so, so I just sent him a list of Japanese terms I learned from the outstanding book Tabloid Tokyo, a collection of stories from Japanese weekly and monthly magazines, sort of pulp non-fiction.  Not judging, but wow, is there some weird stuff here. I particularly enjoy how such bizarre and complex terms can be summed up so neatly.

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Tuning in Tokyo

Haven’t yet unpacked my suitcase (nearly breaking my rule of unpacking no later than 48 hours after returning from a trip) or uploaded all my pix, but thought I’d share some initial thoughts on Japan, adapted from a note to a friend visiting in a few weeks.

Got back Sunday night from Tokyo, jet lag has abated (why was it a good idea to come home before a long work week?!). I absolutely loved Tokyo, and totally get why Husband loves it and doesn’t want to leave (he’s currently there until July 1st at a minimum). There is such an amazing energy there, everyone is polite and helpful when they can, and the bizarre and beautiful exists even in the most mundane of things. A couple things you should be aware of if you aren’t already:

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