That’s different

In an effort to not be self-indulgent and post every stupid thing that crosses my mind, I have not posted in ages.  Went to the midwest this weekend for a family thing and got a large helping of All That is Wrong with America.    For example: we stayed at a motel which was nothing to write home about, but, hey, $50 a night.  One night we noticed that our neighbor was actually grilling burgers outside his room in a Smokey Joe out of the back of his truck.  He invited us to join him and his “old lady,” they were staying the night as they didn’t have cable and there was a Nascar race on TV that night.  Awesome.  Fittingly, we went to see Talledega Nights that night and dined at The ‘Bee’s two night in a row.  We also went to an outlet mall in Indiana with a huge nuclear reactor overlooking it and a state prison a few blocks away.  Did not get a chance to stop by Gary, Indiana, but it looked just as shitty as it’s reputation when we drove by it.

Last night, I caught a little of Celebrity Duets, the latest reality travesty on Fox.  I still feel dirty and am probably permanently dumbed down because of it.  Was at least glad that I had no idea who half of the contestants were.

One response to “That’s different

  1. snort. "The 'Bee's". hee!

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