Not that kind of information, I'm talkin' 'bout media.  I've been a big interweb fan since the late nineties, a forum poster since 2000 on Fodors when I've planned trips and Wedding Channel when I was getting married (all with this same mildly clever but getting dated username), and a blog reader for the past few years.  I've now discovered RSS feeds and it makes my blog reading wicked easy.  Since it's partially my job to keep up on travel news, and since I just don't know when to say when, I now read over a dozen travel blogs a day:

  • I also get weekly or daily newsletters from USA Today, NY Times, Budget Travel, Washington Post, Daily Candy, Manhattan User's Guide, and Thrillist.

It's getting to be a problem, but I just can't stop!  My favorite news of late: the continuing coverage of Well Behaved Monkey on a Ponytail (my friend Sherry's clever title for the inevitable but less exciting sequel to Snake on a Plane) and the related story on comfort animals, Russians trying to conquer world, and the ill-considered title of this trade pub.

Happy Friday!

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2 responses to “TMI

  1. I don't often read blogs about travel. But I glanced through some of your 5th bullet point blogs. I love them. Thanks so much for pointing those out to me. I'm sure I will be a frequent reader now.
    Its funny how so much info gets passed through the net. Emails from your friends, search engines, friends of friends on facebook or myspace and now (finally for me) exploring through vox. I love it!
    In about 2 weeks I'm starting a new blog and won't have many readers. LOL. I'm moving out west and i'm going to capture my new life through a blog. I'd so love it if you could take a look sometime. I'll leave the site up for you once I get there!
    Thanks again for the fun blogs!!

  2. Tom and I enjoyed that very much. On a related note, several times this week around town I have seen a car with the following license plate: "OMG WTF" and I laugh and laugh and laugh. The Mississippi DMV is apparently not up on internet talk.

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