I was thrilled this weekend to get so many comments from new Vox people!  When I discovered I was on the home page of Vox, I actually ran around shrieking like a banshee and generally driving H crazy. In case my fame ends soon, I took a screen shot:

To be fair, it's really H who should famous, as nearly all of the photos on this blog are his, even though he refuses to be named or shown on the wide, wide world of web (H is short for Husband or Himself, as Marian Keyes refers to her husband).  I yammer on and on, he takes gorgeous photos.  Mostly of graffiti, doors, dilapidated buildings, and me reading guidebooks.  I spent a lot of time Friday trying to make a customized banner for this blog of me reading guidebooks (there is apparently a photo of me in every country doing this, wearing the same sweatshirt) to no avail, but now I wonder if it is less clever than just narcissistic.    Well, if I figure it out, you'll know the story of why I'm posting photos of myself not looking at the camera.

Once I get some work done, I'm going to try to get through a few more counties in the neverending Ireland saga and visit all the blogs of those who were kind enough to comment here.

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