More Crime Scene news

While I’m still organizing my photos and thoughts from my almost back-to-back trips to Nicaragua and Paris, here’s another installment of Crime Scene notes from Baltimore:

Aggravated Assault:
Brown Avenue, 6300 block, January 10, 4am:
A man and woman were having an argument.  The man struck the woman withan alarm clock and then fled the area.  Police were called and the manwas arrested later, and was found to smell strongly of alcohol.

Bank Street, 6900 block, January 11, 8:22pm:
An intoxicated man threw soda on the floor of his house and began threatening family members with a shotgun.  He kept repeating the words “Lock and load” as he did so.  Police arrested him and confiscated the shotgun as well as a number of other firearms and ammunition.

Larceny from Auto:
E. Pratt Street, 2100 block, January 10, 10:05am:
Someone opened the door of a car and took a down jacket, two pairs of baby shoes, a cutting board, four bags of snacks and a box of fondue.

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