From the Bal’more desk

Couple excellent Crime Scene items recently:

Robbery: Hartwait Street, 6500 block, January 26, 10am
Someone broke the window of a truck and took $5,000 worth of donuts and Tasty-Kakes.

This begs a few questions: how many donuts constitute $5,000, and is there some sort of black market for Tasty Kakes?

And a slower week this week:

Robbery: Brown Avenue, 6300 block, January 27, 6:16pm:
A woman
got into an argument with a man who would not give her money for
Pampers.  He struck her buttocks and took her cell phone.  His friend
gave the cell phone back and both men fled.

Burglary: S. Conkling Street, 800 block, February 3, 10:00am:
Someone kicked in the front door of a house and punched a hole in the bathroom sink.  Nothing was taken.

Larceny from Auto: S. Chester Street, 400 block, February 2, 11:25am:
Someone broke into a car and took two 12-packs of Mountain Dew and Dr.
Pepper, a bag of Doritos, and a bag filled with miscellaneous property
including a Jerry Springer CD, Life Savers and a bottle of Advil as
well as a box of cat box liners and two cat collars, one blue and one
pink.  The bag and all its contents were found a short time later;
apparently the suspect forgot it as he fled.  The Doritos and soda,
however, were not recovered.

Speaking of Baltimore, I’ve suddenly gotten really into The Wire.  I’ve always watched it, but this season has really grabbed me.  The whole serial killer storyline?  Oh, no, he di’nt!  So I offer a few Wire links for those inclined:

What real thugs think of The Wire, featuring such tidbits as ““When you see a cop losing his head like that — drinking, acting crazy
— you go after it. That’s like m—er f—ing Christmas in the ‘hood!” in reference to McNulty, and “Meanwhile, none of them showed any interest in the affairs of the Baltimore Sun.”

Speaking of my TV boyfriend ex-husband McNulty, here he is at his finest, from season two.  And some good, old-fashioned (NSFW) crime solving from season 1.  Excellent.

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