Tweet in review

Thought you go me, huh?!  Still a few minutes left in the week!  Best of the Tweets this week:

February 27:
@badbanana Can’t tell a hero by his size, he’s just a teeny little super guy:

February 28:
Insanely excited that one of the zoos in Colombia has a liger, bred for its skills in magic!

March 1:

March 2:
From @worldhum am links, Canadians feeling travel guilt:

Seeing the fare
wars to Australia and wondering what’s the least amount of days you
could spend there to make the travel/jetlag worthwhile?

My two inexplicable obsessions! RT @travelchannel Anthony Bourdain is in Sri Lanka on tonight’s No Reservations.

March 3:
RT @SocialMedia411: Jon Stewart explains Twitter – “because it’s AWESOME”:

Ooh, bus parts! Sure sign of recession RT @NewYorkology: rt@funwithiago The MTA has found stuff, wants to give to you

Great quote about how living in NYC feels “unreasonably far from the place where real life is carried on”:

March 4:
Best of Barbados deal is back! I did this last year, stayed at Silver Point Villas, awesome deal.

All great stuff RT @worldhum: from @myessis: just posted a heaping dose morning links:

March 5:
“We’re looking for Joe the Bellman.” Travel industry campaigns bailout backlash

@HotelChatter Sean Paul shows another awesome side of himself!

March 6:
@laurably Well put. Also loved this piece on how travel is important from the HuffPost:

Good news from Arthur Frommer here: and here:

March 7:
Having my photo taken for!

March 8:
“Dayton under $900 a day” haha, I love Paul Rudd RT @juliabainbridge: Love this:

3 responses to “Tweet in review

  1. Meg- Beth and I going Tucson Weds for two weeks. Tried to call Mary, phone disconnect! Just wanted to say hi, talk OLD times (ADPHI 1956)! And want to know where Ray's favorite bar stool is- to have a jar! All best to you, Jack a/k/a Tiger D '56

  2. Hi..Nice blog..Congratulation..☆ Martinha ☆=)

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