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New (blog) home

After several years of erratic blogging on Vox, I decided to bit the bullet with an official domain to embrace the silly internet username I’ve used since Biggie Smalls died. I’m anticipating some big adventures this year and intend to document frequently.

At least, more frequently than usual.


My 15 minutes

Husband has been away for the last three weeks on business in Japan and will be gone for another two months (I’ll be visiting him in May, expect a recap sometime around December, at this rate).  Rather than writing blog posts (like a boss. Sorry, can’t get that out of my head) about recent trips to Istanbul and Cartagena as I planned, I’ve been furthering my Twitter obsession and enjoying a bit of fame as a travel publicist, writer/blogger, er, the Notorious M.E.G.

Recently, serious travel journo Rolf Potts started a debate about whether or not to tweet* while traveling.  I felt the need to contribute my two cents:

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I Heart My City – Brooklyn

National Geographic Traveler‘s excellent Intelligent Travel blog is doing an awesome series on “I Heart My City” with residents from all over the world filling out a questionnaire on their city faves.  Inspired by some excellent entries on Minneapolis, Baltimore, Santiago, here is my city.

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Tweet in Review

Okay, so I’m a little late to this, but feel I can’t go forward without reviewing last week’s Twitter posts (notice I’ve added a feed to the side of this page):

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Tweet in review

Thought you go me, huh?!  Still a few minutes left in the week!  Best of the Tweets this week:

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Tweet in review

I will run out of trips to recap at some point, so new feature!  Since I’m on Twitter like it’s my job (which it sort of, kind of is), I read tons of interesting links and posts each week.  So here’s a look at the tweets of the week from

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A return to long-form blogging

After nearly a year’s absence, I thought I’d blow the dust off this puppy.  I’ve been all about the “microblogging” recently, keeping up with Facebook updates and Twitter (follow me @thenotoriousmeg), but haven’t had the attention span to write anything substantive.   But given the state of the economy, who knows how much longer I’ll be able to travel, so I might as well document it.

2008 was a banner year for my passport, ringing in the New Year in Nicaragua, closely followed by an all too brief trip to Paris (my first), two work trips to Italy in spring and summer, an epic trip to Portugal for which the Husband stayed on an extra two weeks alone, Labor Day week in Barbados for a gonga deal (no real photos from this trip), and ending the year in Istanbul (photos and commentary to come).  Wow.  I feel fortunate as hell.  I wish I could go back and write about each place (and perhaps I will at some point), but a few things I realized in the course of all these travels.